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        Well, my name is Koushik.M.Krishnan, I live in Chennai, India and in the midst of other things, I have a passion for design, cinema and photography. I am 2wenty1 yrs old. I was born as the eldest son for the worlds best couple L.Muthu Krishnan and Santhi Muthukrishnan. My brother's name is Goutham Krishnan doing is 8th class. I finished my Visual Communication graduation in Loyola College, Chennai. I had exceptional education thanks to the magnificent teachers, professors and friends I had in my college. I did my schooling in Rose Mary and IIPE LR Hr Sec School in Tirunelveli which is my native place.

        I became captivated with more or less everything digital. I deem myself a self-taught designer and coder. Designing websites has been a long passion for me. I began making websites and skins when I was 13 years old, and I have sustained doing so ever since. Aesthetically, I prefer simple, elegant and spick&span designs.

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        Graphic Design is my Profession. I am accustomed to working hard and doing whatever it takes to get the job done. I am currently employed with DiD Adverstising as a Visual Director. I also undergo freelance designing jobs. Setting realistic plans and meeting them by schedule and clear process outlines at the start of each design project, makes my work perfect and easier. At the moment, I am interested in work that will stimulate me, challenge me, but really push my ability, force me to learn more, and create designs that I feel comfortable looking at more than once. I feel comfortable leading a project, but also feel I still have to learn more conceptual designs from good creative designers / art directors

        Equally I have a great passion on film making. I have done countable number of Non-linear video editing projects.

Please feel free to contact me for any more information on my services.

Skill Set

       I am proficient in Software programs such as

::  Adobe Photoshop CS ::  Adobe Illustrator CS
::  Adobe After Effects 6.0 ::  Adobe Premier Pro
::  Adobe Indesign CS ::  Adobe Page Maker
::  Corel Draw 11 ::  Macromedia Dreamweaver MX
::  Microsoft Front Page 2003 ::  Swish Max 1.0
::  Skin Studio 4 ::  Sound Forge
::  3D Max 5 (Intermediate)  
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