Kuselan Movie Review – Friendship tale! Watch with patience

Cast : Rajini, Pasupathy, Nayanthara, Meena, Sona, Vadivelu, Vijayakumar

Direction 🙁 P Vasu

Music : G V Prakash

Production : K Balachander
Running Time : 2hrs 30min (approx)

Storyline : Balakrishna (a) Balu (Pashupathy) plays a poor barber who leads a wretched life in a village with wife Sridevi (Meena) and three children. His short term goal, however, is to renovate is old beauty saloon and in an attempt to revive it from downswing by applying for a bank loan. In the meantime, Ashok kumar (Rajinikanth) & his film crew comes to the village for a filmshooting. The whole village, including his family, rally around Balakrishna pursuing his favour to meet the star as the news of the childwood friendship between Balu and Ashok kumar spreads. Balu fears to meet Ashok Kumar thinking that he may not identify him. The multiple attempts of Balu, Vadivelu and livingston’s to meet the star forms the rest of the story.

Review : You can see a completely different Rajinikanth without his usual stunts and masala. Pashupathy excels with his flawless acting. With a bunch of characters for comic roles like Vadivelu, Santhanam, Livinston, Chinni jeyanth the movie gives a bad taste of humour. The main weakness is the screenplay where the first half drags a lot with lifeless scenes involving the villagers. Meena has done a okay job. For many of us who have been wondering a lot about Rajini’s political ambitions and his trips to the Himalayas, he answers us all with such vivacious dilouges which will silence us from anymore guesswork. I almost forgot about the presence of Nayanthara and Mamta Mohandas. Nayantara comes with a lot barely-there costumes and captured in multiple angles. Mamta Mohandas comes as asst director making no shades. The movie aften shifts from the main story which losens the script.

The only plus for the movie is the 20 min long climax where Rajini gives a sentimental speech and meets his childwood friend.

Camera work is quite convincing for the movie done by Arvind Krishna, but its ofen distracted by the low class CG Works done by Orcher Studios headed by Aishwaya Rajnikanth. GV Prakash has done a moderate job. Art work done by Thottatharani needs little life.

Not a great movie afterall except for the climax and rajni’s real life character. Average Flick:|
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