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Vanakkam 🙏 My name is Koushik Krishnan, welcome to my 🏠eHome.
Here you will learn more about me, my current projects, and interesting stuff which are yet to unveil.

Currently working as a Design Manager in PayPal.

Founded Agneva (2001).

On this website, I provide writings on topics such as productivity, digital entrepreneurship, and financial planning.

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Is Productivity Overated?

The world is obsessed with productivity. Everyone wants to be more efficient, productive, and laser-focused. It's all over the place, and it appears to be working for everyone. But are we actually getting more done, or are we focusing more on task, process, and people management? The term "productivity" is

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What’s the Purpose!!

Your purpose is what motivates you to travel on along with your journey in life. it’s one thing that fuels you to try different things and build helpful thoughts. This is where your creativeness is triggered. By knowing your purpose, it ought to be a lot of easier for

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High-Speed Internet Highway

The data transfer speeds were not all that high when the internet was first made accessible to the us. Indeed, even following years post introduction, the internet was generally accessed by users through the plain old telephone cables using a dial up connection. The connections were moderate due to the

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Santa’s attire was traditionally green

Everyone knows that Santa’s outfit is traditionally red (red coat, red hat and so on). But this is in fact not true! Santa’s attire was traditionally green until coca-cola adopted Mr Clause as their Christmas time promotion. Then they naturally dressed Santa in red clothes rather than green

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