I am Koushik Krishnan.M, residing in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. I have a childlike appetite for design, cinema, and art, that inborn passion got nurtured when I graduated in Visual communication. Exceptional education under the magical spell of many magnificent teachers added with the fine flavor of fabulous friendship, Life is indeed a boon.

I deem myself a self-taught designer, captivated with anything and everything that is made up of pixels. Designing websites has been a long passion for me. With the facilities at home, I set my hands on designing websites and skins even from the age of thirteen and the thrill never subsides. Aesthetically, I prefer simple, elegant, and spick & span works.

An accomplished professional Brand strategist, Designer accustomed to hard work, so itself deadlines always met with proficiency. I am currently employed with PayPal as a Design Manager.

At the moment, I am sparked by those works that will stimulate me, challenge me, but really push my ability, force me to learn more, and create projects that I feel comfortable using more than once. I also consult in the fields of online business, marketing, & wealth advice for life.


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